The Courage to Set Goals

In this short video by one of my favorite motivational speakers, Brian Tracy, talks about setting big goals and having the courage to do so.

Many of us opt for “just enough” sorts of wishes – thinking that we either don’t deserve any more or that by taking on bigger dreams we are somehow taking away from others.  Both of these thoughts are in error.  The Universe provides when your values and desires are in alignment.

We stay in places of discontent by our own doing when we set limits on what we believe is possible for ourselves.  Funny how we cheer others on to great accomplishments but resist in supporting ourselves in our own endeavors.

Write out your goals – you need not wait for New Year’s Eve, your birthday, a new moon or any other day to mark the start of your intentions.  You are in charge of your destiny and the Universe will follow your lead.


About the Author: TK Dunn

TK Dunn is a Lifesttyles & Strategies Coach, Psychic-Medium and Speaker.

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