Re-eVALUate Yourself

In the past couple weeks I have taken the time to view some YouTube videos from Motivational and Inspirational speakers and watched two Documentaries (“The Opus” and “The Compass”) which I had not before viewed. Both excellent, I might add!

One of the key pieces that the really great community leaders espouse is that you need to start with YOU and from the inside-out. In other words….you really have to define the “Self”. What are your Values? And not just what ARE your Values…but define them. What does that represent to you? How does that manifest in your day-to-day? If you can’t express that…you need to learn how. Because once you have clear defined Values – when you decide upon your Goals…you will be able to see clearer how to manifest them.

That doesn’t mean your Goals can’t change. That doesn’t mean your Values can’t change. I would expect both to change as you go on your Life Journey. But you need to be in clear alignment with what those Values MEAN…not just what they ARE.

Tony Robbins in his first book Unlimited Power does a great exercise on figuring out which Values are most important to you. You make a list of YOUR Values and then go down the list picking two at a time and choose which of the two is more important to you. By the end you will have a numbered list of your Values in rank for yourself. What was interesting to me the first time I did the list was I assumed LOVE was number one. LOVE barely made the top 5 AT number five! RESPECT was number one! Then years later I redid the exercise and lo-and-behold they were all jumbled up from the first time.

There is no right or wrong to where your Values line up. They’re YOUR Values. But you need to have that clear definition to truly be able to Succeed in whatever you desire and to find your sense of Peace and Happiness.

About the Author: TK Dunn

TK Dunn is a Lifesttyles & Strategies Coach, Psychic-Medium and Speaker.