Gearing up with Resolutions for the New Year?

Who is gearing up to start their New Year’s Resolutions come January 1st, 2014?

Great! Better then than never…but why are you waiting til then? Why aren’t you starting today – December 30th, 2013? What will be better about starting two days from now? Or why didn’t you start 3 weeks ago? Or 5 months ago? Why just for the New Year?` I’ve heard many people start gearing up come fall for what their “New Year’s Resolutions will be.” In the fall??? Why don’t they start when they realize there is something they want to change in their lives?

For most of us a Resolution ends up being ‘a formal expression of opinion or intention’, as defined by, and nothing more. There is no real action to back it up or to engage the follow-through.

Why is that? Why do we state with such emphasis that which we want to change in our lives and then let it all go within months, weeks, days even hours.

The truth is…we just don’t want to change. We haven’t hit the turning point yet – or bottomed-out. We don’t want it bad enough. But because there is this time marker and collective cry for everybody to join in – we take up the charge to a cause we have no internal attachment to.

We fail at our New Year’s Resolutions because we are starting at the wrong point in the process to affect real change. You need to start at the core of “why” you desire change. What is the impulse for transformation?

If you just say “I want to lose weight because I look fat and I need to find a boyfriend.” that bears no internal currency to carry you towards your goal. Why is that you feel that you can’t find a boyfriend unless you lose weight? Is your being “skinny” the only redeeming quality that a suitable mate would see in you? 

And why is that finding a boyfriend is so imperative? What is lacking in your current life that you feel the need for an external answer? This one statement is so laden with different layers that first need to be addressed and acknowledged that the desired outcome is simply unattainable.

Now if you are saying that you need to lose weight because you have Type II Diabetes and your Cholesterol is a bit high. I can see where there would be concerns as to your health – but why are you waiting two more days to implement this?? Is your health not important enough to change NOW?

What New Year’s Resolutions should look like is Thanking the previous year for the lessons and gifts that it gave you. Release all that you did not want – but that came your way and look to the coming months as a time of clean energy. A time for you to get a do-over. To make amends where you should. To forgive. To find new ways to be kind. To strengthen your philanthropy and charitable self. And to expand your love for yourself and others.

Resolutions are good! Don’t get me wrong…but they should be done when you are ready and not when the calendar dictates. Go into the New Year with the resolve that better days are ahead and that kindness and love will reign.

Happy New Year to All!



About the Author: TK Dunn

TK Dunn is a Lifesttyles & Strategies Coach, Psychic-Medium and Speaker.

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