Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

I could be the poster child for this quote…or at least there were times in my life where I felt like it.

Things would just start to look up and then something else would come along to set me back. Its life…I realize that – but there were times I thought I’d made some pact with the Universe that I’d carry the load on the that one.

To me this saying always represented the constant struggle and roller-coaster of life.

Two years ago today I was enjoying one of my happiest times. I had just registered my business name, Spirit River, LLC and signed the lease on a retail space! I was on top of the world! Life could not get any better! But of course…it could get worse.

By mid-May of the same year I was closing the doors on that same shop. I was devastated…not for myself…but for countless others I’d felt I’d let down. The next 12 months were some of the roughest I’ve had, as that negativity snow-balled into several other areas of my life.

And then something happened. Not around me. IN me. ME…I changed. It wasn’t something big or profound. I just finally got tired of being sad, afraid, fearful. So…I wasn’t any more.

And I found Gratitude. REAL Gratitude. I’d done the gratitude lists before: Family. Friends. Good Health…yada yada yada.

Don’t read too much into my cynical sounding paragraph. Its just that everything I was grateful for was BIG and it was the expected sorts of things one might put on a gratitude list.

What was different was the LITTLE things I was Grateful for. I mean REALLY Grateful for….

My Bed. I bought it 2 1/2 yrs ago and the mattress is so darn comfy. Yes, I sleep in it every night without much thought…until recently. Now when I snuggle in for the night, I nest. I like find just the perfect spot on the bed…get the comforter and pillows just so and drift off almost immediately. In the morning, I spend a couple moments giving thanks that I am waking up in such a great environment.

And Lemons! I get to drink real lemon juice every day in my water or tea or put it on whatever food I want. And there is something about squeezing out that real lemon juice that makes me smile. Sometimes I purposely put too much in my water and grin as I make that “lemon” face. But I’m Grateful for those little yellow things in my refrigerator.

I know…goofy, huh?

The point is that I’m happy….I mean really, really Happy!

I still have melancholy days when things don’t go my way. But everybody does…and some days…I wonder why I don’t have worse days.

Failure still shows in many things, or in choices made that I wished I thought through differently. But I’m Happy now with the little things.

And guess what? Little things…make a BIG difference!

The big things really aren’t all that big. Which makes it a lot easier to get back up…again…and again…and as many times as I possibly can. For now…I don’t stress about keeping myself on top of things.

I don’t need to find a big thing to be Grateful for to get back up…I just need to pile up all the little things.

So I’m off to Bed…with my Lemon water…. *smile*

About the Author: TK Dunn

TK Dunn is a Lifesttyles & Strategies Coach, Psychic-Medium and Speaker.