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Do you want to understand why it is that you keep repeating the same patterns? Or why you just can’t seem to get out of a rut? Do you lack motivation and direction on your life? Its all in the habits – good and bad that help you achieve what you desire…or hold you back from your dreams. Let’s shatter the bad habits and roll out the good ones!

Happy 2


Are you feeling lost among people and activities that are familiar and reliable? Does “happiness” seem like an elusive state? Did you wake up one day and ask “Who am I?” All of these are common experiences when one lets life happen around them. Let’s identify your inner core being, push away the limiting beliefs and get you moving in a state of JOY!

Networking 2


If you are wanting to UP your business networking game then we have the most exciting course for you! FOXY MOXIE MIXERS was designed to bring out the dynamic, driven side to anyone. Most of all, we get to watch them become a confident, charismatic Networker.

Whether you are looking for guidance in Self-Awareness, developing positive Habits, reducing Stress, or creating an Image – TK Dunn will consult with you on a course of action. Other areas that may be of interest include business networking, fitness, lifestyle and life hacking.

TK Dunn has a strong background in sales, marketing, management, wellness. Since she has 5 grown children and 7 grandsons…she knows about STRESS (and how to work through it)!

“Here for Life’s Big Moments”

…has been her motto as her background includes education and work as a Career and Relationship Coach, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Spa Director, Wedding Officiant, Resort Sales Manager and Certified Travel Consultant, and a Realtor.

Therefore, TK Dunn’s passion for Lifestyles & Strategies Coaching is evident in her choice of vocations up til now.

TK looks forward to hearing how she can be of assistance, because helping others really is her calling.

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